FarmPass was created with the Farmer in mind.  We offer exclusive features that are specifically tailored to YOUR needs. 

Season Pass:

A season pass is purchased and redeemed the same way as all other tickets.  Customers simply upload their picture during the transaction.  When presented for redemption, their picture is displayed with their ticket. 

QuickTouch Redemption: 

Your customers just need to remember to bring their phone!  They can skip the line and get into your event in seconds.

Scheduled Event Ticketing:

FarmPass can create tickets that are time specific .  Your customers can buy tickets for events such as Haunts, Camp-fires, Zombie Paintball and be secure knowing their spot is reserved.

Group Ticketing: 

Tickets can be purchased together in a group for a discount!  Customers can share the ticket link with their group and will be able to show up together,or  separately, and everyone in the group will be accounted for.

Rainy Day Insurance:

No better weather insurance!  On those rainy days, customers can opt to come back on a different day.  You already have the money safely stored in the bank.  

Quick Bank Deposits:

The money goes directly to your bank account.  That way, you have the ability to allocate it when and where you need and want.  You pay us after the fact. Quick Bank Deposits are also safer than transfering money.

Sell events and tickets on-site:

On those amazing nights when the lines are growing longer and longer, you can help avoid waiting times and customer frustration by encouraging those in line to buy their tickets online.  

Instant Market Research:

Find out which marketing methods are driving ticket sales with real-time reports. 

Easy Reports:

You don't have to "guesstimate" how many tickets have been bought or redeemed each night.  You can immediately know these exact numbers with a quick check of your account.  You can also see how many groups are booked and when they are coming.  

Email Capture:

Build your marketing e-mail list with every ticket that you sell.

Sell More Tickets:

Sell more tickets to more people on Facebook, on Google Ads, and on your website by providing a digital option!

Preseason Revenue:

Sell preseason tickets or season passes before you open.

Automatically Organizes & Schedules School, Church, & Other Groups:

All of your scheduling is automatically done for you, saving you precious time and money!