Increased Ticket Sales

You have been advertising and are sitting in your ticket booth wondering if and when the people are going to show up.  That waiting is over, FarmPass Online ticketing allows the purchase to happen at the time of the marketing ad. 

Secure your customer and capture the sale! 

The problem with paying for an event when you arrive is that your customer isn't committed to your event until their money has entered your hands.  When your customer sees your marketing and is convinced that it is something they want to do they need a way to act on that impulse at the time or they are less likely to attend the event.  Distractions and life have a way over time of decreasing that commitment and desire to attend.  Online ticketing is the tool that commits your customer and gets you that sale at the moment they decide they want to attend.  This will increase your ticket sales because your ability to convert customers with your marketing is faster and easier.

Online Event Ticketing is a fast growing industry in the USA and the World!     


The trend over the last few years has been a fast increase, and it is projected that it is just going to continue.  The general populace has been conditioned to use their smart phone for everything.  80% of browser usage these days is on the smart phone.  Most digital marketing will be going through their phone.  They are accustomed to using their smart phone as a way to make purchases.  The future is going to see more and more purchases done through the smart phone.  The way to make the sale is to have a way (FarmPass Online Ticketing) that they can make the purchase they are used to. 

If you don't have a way to capture the sale online you may be seeing your numbers dwindle at your event.  Increase your sales by being in the place that your customers expect you to be with online ticketing.