Easy, Understandable, Straightforward Pricing

We Charge you 3% of the total sale.  There are no tiers, quotas, or different pricing for different types of tickets.  Whether it be a ticket, a scheduled event or a product, you pay 3%. Easy peasy, no more hassle!

$350 per season +


The $350 per year + 3% covers our rate, there will be additional fees that apply that come from your credit card processor.  The 3% payment caps at $7,500 annually.  So all together, the max payment available per year is $7,850.  See our list of compatible gateways that integrate with FarmPass.  Annual season fee renews each year on January 1st.  

(*Our recommended Gateway Option if no previous gateway exists)

Online Payments 2.9% + $0.30


Visa/Mc/Discover: 2.9%

Transaction Rate: $0.25

Monthly: $7.50

Annual/PCI Fee: $95

to set up Sage processing please contact

Clint Gumm (President)

(480) 584-4440 ext 101 phone

(480) 212-6598 cell

(480) 719-4681 fax