Quick-Touch Redemption

Shorten your lines!

Presold tickets shorten your lines.  FarmPass takes that one step further with QuickTouch Redemption.  QuickTouch allows for one-touch ticket fast redemption on the customers own phone.  You don't need a computer or scanner, you just need a clerk to verify the ticket and redeem the ticket and let them in.

Fall ticketed events are busy.  Normally, you have a big influx of most of your business during a couple of intense packed hours.  This can lead to lines that are unmanageable, and impossible to get people in without a long wait time.  If people are waiting in a line, they aren't having fun and enjoying their experience.

FarmPass allows you to have a quick line, allowing people to come in quick and get to the fun as fast as possible.  Your customers just need to remember to bring their phone! They can skip the line and get into your event within seconds.  Start your customers out with an excellent experience of getting into your fall event.