Season Pass

No more punchcards, no more lost sales, no more unauthorized season pass sharing, and not another program to buy and learn.  FarmPass season pass is easy to buy, redeem, and track.  Season Pass is a fully integrated solution into our Online Ticketing at no extra cost!

The secret is when your customer buys the season pass, they provide their photo, by just simply uploading it when they buy the ticket. 

They receive an email, and then they can just use Quicktouch Redemption with their phone.  The Redemption screen shows the ticket and their photo.  The ticket clerk matches the face to the photo and redeems the ticket. Customer is good to go.  No extra equipment, no fees, no hassle.

The Redemption of the ticket is recorded and tracked in reports where you can gain the knowledge you need on how to make your Season Pass the most profitable possible.