Sell Events and Tickets On-site

No customer likes waiting in line.  So on those wonderful nights when lines might be lagging on, you can sell online tickets on-site.  By encouraging the customers in line to buy their tickets online, you don't have to take the time of a money transaction.  All you need to do now is use Quick Touch Redemption to get them into your farm within seconds. Now they can enjoy your location instead of spending their time in line.

If you are just starting your business or are looking for a better way to market and get more customers, FarmPass can help you there too.  If your lines aren't a problem yet, you can take a few seconds more to make a lot more money.  As a ticket clerk, you can sell tickets at the booth with Farmpass.  Why not just exchange cash and be done?  By using the FarmPass system to sell tickets, you collect the customer's e-mail just like the normal online transaction process.  This by far is the most effective form of marketing!  Through this more tradition form of checkout you can still send a special deal or discount email to your customers and get them coming back year after year.  That few more seconds just became a whole lot more valuable.